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In order to meet the challenges of modern-day legal practice and to keep abreast with the latest global trends, Chan Robles and its accounting arm, Chan Robles & Wy, CPAs, affiliated with Macintyre Sträter International (MSI), a global association of independent law firms/lawyers and accounting firms/accountants operating in more than 160 major cities worldwide.  Its members are committed to offering a real alternative to the large international legal and accounting  firms for clients with overseas business interests or those looking to expand their business operations across the borders.   

Unlike other international affiliations or associations, MSI's multi-disciplined philosophy provides an integrated approach to international markets.   

Since its founding in London and Dusseldorf in 1989, MSI has grown to become one of the world's largest multi-disciplinary networks.  It has expanded to its present size of more than 100 member-firms through 160 offices in major business capitals in 84 countries.   

Chan Robles, together with Chan Robles & Wy, CPAs, is the exclusive Philippine affiliate of MSI since 1995.    

On the part of MSI, the affiliation of Chan Robles and its accounting arm signals its entry into this most dynamic part of the world.    

For their part, Chan Robles and  Chan Robles & Wy, CPAs will greatly benefit from MSI's worldwide network of law firms/lawyers, accounting firms/accountants, in terms of technical exchange, referral of cases and clients as well as cross-border consultation on significant areas in the practice of law and accounting. 

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