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This web page features the issuances of the
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
   Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
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    Circular No. 173, Series of 1998 [09.02.98] - Sanctions to be imposed on financial institutions that failed to comply with the Year 2000 BSP directives.

    Circular No. 174, Series of 1998 [09.02.98] - Moving the cut-off date from December 19, 1997 to July 15, 1998 for foreign exchange obligations (loans and advances) eligible under the Currency Risk Protection Program (CRPP) facility.

    Circular No. 175, Series of 1998 [09.03.98] - Check clearing rules for rural banks which are members
of the Philippines Clearing House Corporation and thrift banks authorized to accept demand deposits.

    Circular No. 176, Series of 1998 [09.07.98] - Prescribing penalties for non-compliance with minimum capital requirements.

    Circular No. 177, Series of 1998 [09.09.98] - Additional provisions of the Manual of Regulations for Banks and other Financial Intermediaries (Books I, II and III) regarding the issuance of long-term non-negotiable tax-exempt certificates of time deposits pursuant to the provisions of Section 24 (B) (1) of Republic Act No. 8424, otherwise known as "The Tax Reform Act of 1997".

    Circular Letter dated 3 September 1998 - Amended guidelines for the issuance by custodian banks of a Bangko Sentral Registration Document (BSRD) for a portfolio foreign investment.

    Circular Letter dated 8 September 1998 - Sanctions for failure to set-up allowance for probable losses as prescribed under Circular No. 143, as amended, and Circular-Letter dated 13 July 1998.

    Circular No. 170, Series of 1998 [08.05.98] - Clarifications and illustrations issued relative to Section 26 of Republic Act No. 7653 regarding bank deposits and investments of all banks and their directors, officers and stockholders.

    Circular No. 171, Series of 1998 [08.26.98] - Temporary lifting by the Monetary Board of the existing limit on a bank's short or oversold foreign exchange position presently set at 20% of its unimpaired capital. [Amending Circular No. 137 dated July 31, 1997].

    Circular No. 172, Series of 1998 [08.31.98] - Amending the provisions of certain sections of the Manual of Regulations for banks and other financial intermediaries regarding availment of incentives for merger or consolidation among banks and other financial intermediaries.

    Circular-Letter [07.13.98] - Providing for the basic guidelines in establishing banks.

    Circular-Letter [07.24.98] - Loss of Bangko Sentral Registration Document No. [DE] 97-00679 dated 30 October 1997 covering the registration as foreign direct investment of the initial assigned capital of Sanki Engineering Co. Ltd.

    Circular No. 166, S. 1998 - Amending Books I, II, III and IV of the Manual of Regulations Re: Reducing the reserve requirements on all types of peso deposits.

    Circular No. 167, S. 1998 - Amending the Manual of Regulations for Banks and Other Financial Intermediaries, Re:  Loan Losses.


    Memorandum [07.22.98] - Providing for the address to be referred to for purposes of furnishing the Small and Medium Development Council a copy of the periodic report on compliance with mandatory credit allocation required under R. A. No. 6977, as amended by R. A. No. 8289.

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