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    Opinion No. 91, Series of 1998 - Legal opinion addressed to the Secretary of Socio-Economic Planning, NEDA regarding the latter's request for legal advice on the matter of the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) dated April 8, 1997 issued by the Supreme Court en banc in the case of Blas Ople vs. Ruben Torres, et al., G. R. No. 127685, which ordered all respondents including the National Statistics Office, to cease and desist from implementing Administrative Order No. 308.

    Opinion No. 94, Series of 1998 - Legal opinion addressed to Senator Rodolfo Biason regarding his request and concerning the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), specifically, but not limited, to its constitutionality and Criminal jurisdiction provisions.

    Opinion No. 53, Series of 1998 - Assessment addressed to Messrs. Dionisio dela Serna for a confirmatory opinion that "Building and Loan Associations, including their loans and incomes are exempted from taxes."

    Opinion No. 55, Series of 1998 - Assessment addressed to Chairman Angel Alcala on the proper interpretation of the provisions of the 1987 Constitution on the nationalization of educational institutions.

    Opinion No. 62, Series of 1998 - Assessment addressed to Ms. Que Orbeta, Director of Management External Debt Department on certain issues relating to the proposed loan of the Province of Ilocos Sur, originally from Andre Fineurop Spa., Italy to partially finance its tomato paste processing plant.

    Opinion No. 63, Series of 1998 - Assessment addressed to Mr. Gonzalo T. Santos, Jr., Chief Executive Trustee, Asset Privatization Trust, as to which between the APT and the National Housing Authority is the proper government entity has the authority to lease out the 21-hectare portion of Tala Estate.

    Opinion No. 89, Series of 1998 [07.28.98] - Legal opinion rendered for Undersecretary Willie Evangelista of the Department of Transportation and Communication [DOTC] regarding the possible conflict of interest that may arise out of his being a DOTC Undersecretary and a stockholder in several private companies.

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