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This web page features the latest issuances of the
Securities and Exchange Commission.
   Securities and Exchange Commission
The Corporation Code of the Philippines - Full Text
    Memorandum Circular No. 8, Series of 1998 - Imposing penalties on corporations and partnerships which increased the percentage of their foreign equity without first complying with the provisions of the Foreign Investments Act of 1991, as amended, in cases where registration with the SEC of foreign investment is required.

    Memorandum Circular No. 5, Series of 1998 - Increasing fees for microfilm reproduction of documents.

    Letter Opinion dated 06.03.98 - Addressed to G. Post.  Issue:  Whether or not a foreign national can be elected as member of the "Executive Committee" created pursuant to the provisions of Section 35 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines.

    Letter Opinion dated 06.03.98 - Addressed to C. F. Verano.  Issue:  Whether or not the Board of Directors can enter into a contract with a developer-financier for the re-development of Valley Golf and Country Club, such as the rebuilding of the clubhouse, etc.

    Letter Opinion dated 06.15.98 - Addressed to D. C. Millendez.  Issue:  Effects of registration or non-registration of a religious group with the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC].

    Letter Opinion dated 06.16.98 - Addressed to C. L. Agustin.  Issue:  Voting rights of "non-dues paying" shareholders or members of country clubs.

    Letter Opinion dated 06.17.98 - Addressed to Quasha Ancheta Pena & Nolasco.  Issue:  Failure of Chemphil Industries of the Philippines, Inc. to call and hold annual stockholders' meeting mandated under the company's by-laws.

    Letter Opinion dated 06.18.98 - Addressed to F. A. Vida.  Issue:  Intention of the Philippine Airport and Ground Services, Inc., an existing 60% Filipino - 40% foreign - owned corporation, to organize a "private security agency" by creating a substantially owned subsidiary corporation to engage therein.

    Letter Opinion dated 06.22.98 - Addressed to Avalon Condominium Corporation.  Issue:  Whether or not Avalon which is a non-stock corporation, can legally amend its by-laws and Master Deed to authorize its management to disconnect utility services for condominium units whose owners or members fail to timely remit and pay association dues, assessments for insurance and other special assessments.

    Letter Opinion dated 06.24.98 - Addressed to A. P. Palmiery.  Issue:  Whether or not the outgoing officers of PARAD may continue as such until the resolution of the electoral protest involving the 1998 annual election of the association officers and until the election of a new set of officers.

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