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This web page features the latest issuances of the
Social Security System.
   Social Security System
The Social Security Act of 1997 - Full Text
National Health Insurance Act of 1995
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Laws and Regulations
Social Security Act of 1997 [R. A. No. 8282]
Portability Law [R. A. No.7699]
National Health Insurance Act of 1995 [R. A. No. 7875]
Employees Compensation and State Insurance Fund [P. D. No. 626]
SSS Circulars [Nos. 1-A to 3-A]
Past SSS Circulars [Nos. 1-V to 37-V]
    Circular No. 4-A - Increase in funeral benefit of all SSS members.   [It states:  "Pursuant to Social Security Commission Resolution No. 582 dated 19 August 1998, the funeral benefit has been
increased from P12,000.00 to P15,000.00.  Effectivity:  01 September 1998"].

    Circular No. 36-V - Implementing guidelines on the processing of sickness/maternity benefits pursuant to R. A. No. 8282, otherwise known as the Social Security Act of 1997.

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