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[Tax Reform Act of 1997]
Republic Act No. 8424

SEC. 286. Disposition of Proceeds of insurance Premium Tax. - Twenty-five percent (25%) of the premium tax collected under Section 123 of this Code shall accrue to the Insurance Fund as contemplated in Section 418 of Presidential Decree No. 612 which shall be used for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the Insurance Commission. The Commissioner shall turn over and deliver the said Insurance Fund to the Insurance Commissioner as soon as the collection is made.
SEC. 287. Shares of Local Government Units in the Proceeds from the Development and Utilization of the National Wealth. - Local Government units shall have an equitable share in the proceeds derived from the utilization and development of the national wealth, within their respective areas, including sharing the same with the inhabitants by way of direct benefits.

(A) Amount of Share of Local Government Units. - Local government units shall, in addition to the internal revenue allotment, have a share of forty percent (40%) of the gross collection derived by the national government from the preceding fiscal year from excise taxes on mineral products, royalties, and such other taxes, fees or charges, including related surcharges, interests or fines, and from its share in any co-production, joint venture or production sharing agreement in the utilization and development of the national wealth within their territorial jurisdiction.

(B) Share of the Local Governments from Any Government Agency or Government-Owned or  Controlled Corporation. - Local Government Units shall have a share, based on the preceding fiscal year, from the proceeds derived by any government agency or government-owned or controlled corporation engaged in the utilization and development of the national wealth based on the following formula, whichever will produce a higher share for the local government unit:

(C) Allocation of Shares. - The share in the preceding Section shall be distributed in the following manner: Provided, however, That where the natural resources are located in two (2) or more cities, the allocation of shares shall be based on the formula on population and land area as specified in subsection (C)(1) hereof. Provided, however, That where the natural resources are located in two (2) or more cities, the allocation of shares shall be based on the formula on population and land area as specified in subsection (c)(1) hereof.
SEC. 288. Disposition of Incremental Revenues. -

(A) Incremental Revenues from Republic Act No. 7660. - The incremental revenues from the increase in the documentary stamp taxes under R.A. No. 7660 shall be set aside for the following purposes:

Provided, finally, That in paragraphs (2), (3), and (4) of this Section, not more one percent (1%) of the allocated funds thereof shall be used for administrative expenses by the implementing agencies.

(B) Incremental Revenues from Republic Act No. 8240. - Fifteen percent (15%) of the incremental revenue collected from the excise tax on tobacco products under R. A. No. 8240 shall be allocated and divided among the provinces producing burley and native tobacco in accordance with the volume of tobacco leaf production. The fund shall be exclusively utilized for programs in pursuit of the following objectives:

The Department of Budget and Management, in consultation with the Oversight Committee created under said R.A. No. 8240, shall issue the corresponding rules and regulations governing the allocation and disbursement of this fund.
SEC. 289. Special Financial Support to Beneficiary Provinces Producing Virginia Tobacco. - The financial support given by the National Government for the beneficiary provinces shall be constituted and collected from the proceeds of fifteen percent (15%) of the excise taxes on locally manufactured Virginia-type of cigarettes.

The funds allotted shall be divided among the beneficiary provinces pro-rata according to the volume of Virginia tobacco production.

Production producing Virginia tobacco shall be the beneficiary provinces under Republic Act No. 7171. Provided, however, that to qualify as beneficiary under R. A. No. 7171, a province must have an average annual production of Virginia leaf tobacco in an amount not less than one million kilos: Provided, further, that the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) shall each year determine the beneficiary provinces and their computed share of the funds under R. A. No. 7171, referring to the National Tobacco Administration (NTA) records of tobacco acceptances, at the tobacco trading centers for the immediate past year.

The Secretary of Budget and Management is hereby directed to retain annually the said funds equivalent to fifteen percent (15%) of excise taxes on locally manufactured Virginia type cigarettes to be remitted to the beneficiary provinces qualified under R. A. No. 7171.

The provision of existing laws to the contrary notwithstanding, the fifteen percent (15%) share from government revenues mentioned in R. A. No. 7171 and due to the Virginia tobacco-producing provinces shall be directly remitted to the provinces concerned.

Provided, That this Section shall be implemented in accordance with the guidelines of Memorandum Circular No. 61-A dated November 28, 1993, which amended Memorandum Circular No. 61, entitled "Prescribing Guidelines for Implementing Republic Act No. 7171", dated January 1, 1992.

Provided, further, That in addition to the local government units mentioned in the above circular, the concerned officials in the province shall be consulted as regards the identification of projects to be financed.

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