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ChanRobles LawNet:  The Philippine Network of Independent Professional Firms
The Philippine Network of Independent Professional Firms

The Philippines is composed of 7,100+ islands and more than 70 provinces and cities.  A lawyer or law firm based in Manila or in the provinces and cities finds it extremely difficult to provide services outside of his/its local area of practice or operation.   

A client who deals with such lawyer or law firm would likewise encounter difficulty should he have cases outside of the base of operation of his lawyer.  Worse, sending his lawyer to other parts of the country would prove very costly in terms of time, money and effort.   

And in the event the client or his lawyer has cross border transactions or cases requiring the services of international lawyers or law firms outside of the Philippines, difficulty in establishing international contacts is the usual drawback of local firms.   

It is this need that ChanRobles LawNet seeks to satisfy.   

By establishing a nationwide network of lawyers and law firms  which shall function as a strong and cohesive alliance of professional firms in the areas of referral of cases, consultations and professional services, ChanRobles LawNet seeks to provide an effective vehicle and venue to facilitate, both on the part of lawyers and their clients, the handling of cases, research work and cross border consultations on important legal issues and controversies affecting their respective practice areas.   

In the global arena, ChanRobles LawNet members shall be affiliated with the largest worldwide network of lawyers which regularly holds annual regional and worldwide conferences and conventions in various parts of the world.   

The members of the ChanRobles LawNet shall continue to be autonomous and independent from each other and there shall be no partnership established among each other by reason of or as a consequence of membership in the network.  They shall continue to operate and function independently from each other.   

From the Secretariat in Metro Manila, each member shall be provided with hard or electronic copies of the latest Supreme Court decisions and circulars as well as other legal materials from government offices and other sources on any areas of law of interest to the members.  From the electronic database of the Virtual Law Library of ChanRobles LawNet, members shall be updated on legal materials on a regular basis either through the Internet or the World Wide Web.   

Follow-up and verification of cases in each member's jurisdiction will be greatly facilitated and enhanced through ChanRobles LawNet.   

.As an added feature, the ChanRobles LawNet Law Center shall be established in a reputable address in the heart of Metro Manila.  The Law Center shall be available to the members of the ChanRobles LawNet as their law office address in Metro Manila.  

Contact Information 

For more details on how to join ChanRobles LawNet, please contact the Secretariat by mail or e-mail or you can send your query through the Message Board  or Query Board.   

Thank you and Mabuhay!   

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The Philippine Network of Independent Professional  Firms
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