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CHAN ROBLES AND ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM - Welcome to the Home of the Philippine On-Line Legal Resources
Chan Robles maintains extensive library resources appropriate for its size.  Its library facilities include complete volumes of Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA), Court of Appeals Reports Annotated, Philippine Reports and almost all local legal publications, textbooks and journals.  

Its law library has complete sets of useful American reference materials such as the Corpus Juris Secundum, American Jurisprudence [2nd Ed.], Amjur and Fletcher’s Legal Forms, Wigmore’s Evidence, and Proof of Facts, to name but a few.   

Chan Robles  invests heavily on its traditional and electronic library facilities to ensure the immediate availability of information to its lawyers and clients.  

Further, the first-ever law books in CD-ROM format published in the Philippines were those written by the Managing Partner of Chan Robles and published by ChanRobles Publishing Company.   

Now available on the World Wide Web are the legal resources contained in  the Virtual Law Library of  Chan Robles consisting of thousands of compilations of laws and legal resources in easily searchable html format. The links to said web pages are found in the link list on this page and in all pages of this site..

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