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Chan Robles - Philippine On-Line Legal Resources is pleased to share with you the thousands of Internet resources as well as general Internet  guides, search tools and other sites of interest in its Virtual Law Library which you may find useful for legal, government, and business research.     

The Library features three [3] general divisions, to wit  

         The Philippine Legal Resources    
         The Worldwide Legal Resources    
          The Business Page   

ChanRobles LawNet, the Philippine Network of Independent Professional Firms, features the full text of the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines and a searchable databank of latest Philippine Supreme Court decisions.  In view of their relevance to Philippine laws and jurisprudence, full text of the United States Constitution  and United States Supreme Court decisions are also featured therein. In addition, full text of the Constitutional Laws of Nations of the World may also be browsed from this site. Members may secure their login number and password from the Secretariat for latest updates on law and jurisprudence. 

A shortcut to all the main indices of the web pages is provided in the clickable LinkList  below.  This is found in all pages of this site for your convenience.  Just click "Select a Page  from this List" and thereafter press the "GO" button and the page selected will be instantly displayed on  your monitor. 

Moreover, the entire Virtual Law Library is searchable by text or topic through the CRALAW Search Engine   

Or you may wish to take a quick glance at our Site Map  which contains all the main indices [pages] of this site.  For greater ease, we have prepared a Table of Contents  where you may browse at a faster pace all the content-headings of the Virtual Law Library.   

If you find our site useful and informative, you can create a link from your site to ours or from our site to yours.  Or you may bookmark us, add us to your favorites, or make us your  Home Page. You can create this either through the Internet Explorer or Netscape format.   

For your convenience in relaying messages or queries to Chan Robles, a Message Board and a Query Board are available. Just fill them up and press the "Submit" button and we shall be glad to respond to your message and/or query in due time.   

If you are a lawyer or a representative of a law firm, you may wish to submit your name and that of your law firm to the LawList - a free listing databank for lawyers and law firms in the Philippines and worldwide.   

You may also wish to participate in The Forum, a venue for Internet discussion on major legal issues and  controversies with international pertinence and significance.  The Forum  is made available to Chan Robles courtesy of DejaNews.  

And before we forget, all these web pages which are originally written in English may be translated into five (5) other languages, namely: French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.  Simply point and click the cursor to a particular symbol/icon appearing on the main pages of this site representing the language preferred and you will have instant translation of the contents of that particular page to that language. 
This service is provided by AltaVista  

Finally,  we shall appreciate your signing or viewing our GuestBook as one of our valued guests.   
Thank you and Mabuhay! 

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