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CHAN ROBLES AND ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM - Welcome to the Home of the Philippine On-Line Legal Resources
   Philippine                        Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines - An Overview
   Intellectual                 Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines - Full Text
  Property Brief            Rules and Regulations of the IP Code - Full Text 
  On-Line                        IPO Application Forms 
                                                IPAP-Prescribed Attorney's Fees in the Following Cases:
   MAIN INDEX                       -  Patents, Utility Models & Designs Cases
                                                          -  Trademarks, Trade Names & Service Marks Cases
                                                          -  Copyright Cases
                                                  IPAP'S Remarks on Attorney's Fees
                                                  Registration of Technology Transfer Arrangement - Procedure
   The V Law Library       The Intellectual Property Office - Latest Issuances
                                                  Relevant Philippine Laws
                                                  Implementation of the Intellectual Property Code
                                                  Brief Background on Philippine IPR
                                      IPR Treaties Signed by the Philippines 
   International               Worldwide Intellectual Property Resources
   IPR Resources               Intellectual Property Offices and Organizations Worldwide
                                                  International IPR Treaties and Conventions - Full Text
                                                  National Laws of States on Intellectual Property
  Scope of Practice        About Chan Robles' Intellectual Property Division
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